Pressure Cleaning is the first step to a quality long lasting paint job. After we have thoroughly pressure cleaned your house we repair any cracks or missing substrate with caulking, patching compounds or cement.
"We definitely will recommend you to our friends and acquaintances."
- Donna

"Really appreciate the attention to detail that your entire crew had in completing this job."
- Jill

"Thank you for the great service and wirk your company did."
- Lisa
After your house has been prepped it then gets sealed to lock in any chalky residue for the top coat to bond to. Your house is now ready for the new paint system you have chosen usually this is one to two coats of High Quality 100% Acrylic Paint.
Your exterior doors are the focal point of your home and we put a lot of care and detail to finish. 99% of our doors are sprayed so we leave you with a brush free finish. (Believe me there is a big difference between brushed and sprayed) We cover all windows with plastic to prevent paint splatter. Electrical Items (example: door bells, carriage lights, etc) will be protected; as well as your landscaping and sprinkler systems.
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